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The StarDate is a fictious value that was supposedly used to keep track of mission time while starships were away from known federation planets. Because of the time distortions encountered by moving at the speed of warp, the Julian calendar would no longer work, so subspace beacons were needed to give 'star dates" that account for subspace time fluxes. But please read the FAQ about the Stardate.

NOTE: the formula gives a "BEFORE WARP" stardate because star dates come do not come into existance until the year 2323 (when it is rumored that warp technology was invented, and hence the need for a time system which takes into account time distortion, subspace anomalies, etc).

It use the following formula:

Take a date such as December 20, 2370 13:12 hrs

YY = 2370 - 2323 = 47
DDD = (334+20)/365*1000 =~ 969
T = (13*60+12)/144 =~ .6

StarDate = 47969.6

The procedure is:

  1. subtract 2323 from the current year.
  2. use a special table to get the total # of days that have passed. Divide this number by 365 or 366, then multiply by 1000. Round to the nearest whole digit.
  3. Multiply the hours by 60 and add the minutes. Divide this number by 144. Round this number.
  4. StarDate is the concatenation of the steps 1,2,3 above.

Another formula from Yves - Switzerland

+ 1000*(dayOfTheYear-1)/337+lengthOfFebruary
+ (hour*3600+minute*60+second)/86400

More informations here: http://trekguide.com/Stardates.htm